Don’t Let a Client Promise of More Business Tempt You to Lower Your Public Relations Consulting Fee

When determining your fee for a potential public relations or other type of consulting project, more than one prospective client is bound to tempt you to lower your rates by promising lots of future business. My advice: Don’t be swayed into lowering your rates if a client — especially a prospective client — says he’ll [...]

The Successful Consulting Proposal – 3 Essentials

Consultants can spend a lot of time writing proposals, and it’s important that time isn’t wasted. Obviously some of it will, as some proposals have little chance of success, and work can’t be reused, but we need to maximize our chances of success as well as follow on work. Here are three essentials. 1) Don’t [...]

Easy Offline Success For Local Business Consultants

Internet marketers who are struggling to earn a consistent monthly income may find a much easier pathway to success as a local business consultant. The great thing about being a local business consultant is that you don’t have to be an internet marketing guru in order to succeed. With even a limited understanding of internet [...]

What Happens During a Rhinoplasty Consultation and How Long Does it Take?

Before you get a rhinoplasty, there is a required consultation that happens before the procedure is done. This is necessary so that your doctor will get a very detailed information on what you need and what limitations would there be, if any, for the nose job procedure to be performed. A nose job consultation procedure [...]

Online Business – Hiring an Internet Marketing Consultant

Hiring an Internet Marketing SEO Consultant to assist you in your online business is a big step forward towards achieving success online as you are finally admitting that it takes more than just will to get on top of the online market. This may not be good while you are still starting, but the possibility [...]

Marketing for Interior Designers: Building Brand Exposure

Marketing for Interior Designers by building brand exposure. The marketing strategy will seek to first create client awareness regarding the products and services offered, develop that client base, establish connections with targeted markets and work toward building client loyalty and referrals. 4 Interior Design Marketing Strategies It can be a challenge for people working in [...]

What are the top cell phone case brand

Nowadays, mobile phones protective case have been enjoying a great popularity over the world, which are not only unique, creative, but can protect your phones. Like mobile power,the cimitations are flooding, not to mention the design and quality making your mobile phone unique. So,Guest Posting what are good cell phone protective cover brand? each brand [...]

5 considerable signs your business needs re branding

Creating a new look for the business is a great revenue earning strategy, but what’s more important is knowing the right time to implement the rebranding process. Read to know the signs that your business needs rebranding. A classic logo,Guest Posting an extraordinary brand color pallet and a catchy message to grab the attention of [...]

Customer Lifecycle Management: Expectations vs. Reality

A customer goes through multiple stages in their cycle of engagement with your brand. It is imperative that you continue delivering the same amount of personalized attention and care to your customer throughout the cycle. In today’s day and age,Guest Posting it is imperative for your brand to be modern, agile, and most importantly, customer-centric. [...]

Brand Development Explained

So, what is a brand? It’s one of those terms that’s used a lot, but often without a full understanding of its meaning. A brand is far more than just what your product is called, the design of your logo, how you package your product, the tagline or jingle associated with your company, or what [...]