What Happens During a Rhinoplasty Consultation and How Long Does it Take?

Before you get a rhinoplasty, there is a required consultation that happens before the procedure is done. This is necessary so that your doctor will get a very detailed information on what you need and what limitations would there be, if any, for the nose job procedure to be performed.

A nose job consultation procedure can also help you assess if you are really under the hands of a good plastic surgeon or not. The length of time that it takes to complete a nose job consultation actually depends on your doctor and the measures involved with it. Usually, it takes only a maximum of an hour to get a proper consultation laid out for your rhinoplasty.

The nose surgery consultation is usually composed of procedures which would help the surgeon identify what things can influence the course of your nose job results. Your facial shape and its size will be subject for scrutiny as well as your skin’s thickness and its color. Your bone structure especially around the nasal area and your cartilage will also be considered. This would also help the surgeon clue you in on what could possibly happen with your nose job as opposed to simply expecting the results you have in mind at the moment.

At times, the surgeon may also need to draw some marks on your nose area and on some parts of your face to help them identify which skin are to be affected during the operation.

At the end of the preoperative rhinoplasty consultation, you will receive the details of the results. You will be able to see the photographs taken for purposes of comparing what your nose looked like before the surgery and what changes have been made right after the nose job was done. Aside from the results, the surgeon will also be prescribing to you the do’s and don’ts that you need to follow before your surgery day happens. You should also take this opportunity to ask all relevant questions you feel you need to know. Your doctor will be more than willing to accommodate them for sure.